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What to include:
  • Write about your personal experience with a school.
  • Comment about the school's teachers, staff, parents, or students.
  • Comment about the school's curriculum or extra curricular activities.
  • Are you a parent, teacher, staff, administrator, student, former student, etc?
  • What grade your child is in? Or what grade you are teaching? Or what grade you are in?
  • Are the administrators and staff well organized?
  • Do they listen to your concerns and are responsive to your needs?
  • Is the facity adequate?
  • Are there any broken windows, leaking roof, missing floor tiles, broken furnace, etc?
  • Is the school a safe learning environment?
  • Are there any disciplinary problems?
  • Are parents involved?
  • Do they participate in school-sponsored activities?

What not to include:
  • Do not use obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, or threatening languages.
  • Do not post spam or advertising/commercial solicitation messages.
  • Do not personally attack others.
  • has the right to edit or delete any review for ANY reason.

Helpful Model Reviews:
  • My son has been attending Einstein High for about a 1 year now and he's excelled in all classes. Einstein expects academic excellence from all its students. Teachers are well organized and motivate their students to excel. The classes are small so the teachers have more time with the students. Einstein is a wonderful school.
  • The teachers and staff at Newton Middle are nice and welcoming. The students act like one big family. Over the years, Newton has progressed in its test scores and student behaviors. Newton offers a safe, warm, and friendly environment for students who are willing to learn.
  • In the past, Bohr Elementary has been one of the lowest ranked schools in the county. But Bohr has teachers who care about their students and staff who are working hard to improve the students' performance. Bohr just started to offer after school programs to teach students math and science that need the extra attention. My son's performance in math has improved greatly. I expect great things from Bohr.

Unhelpful Model Reviews:
  • Pasteur High is terrible. Don't attend this school.
  • Freud Middle is great. I love this school.
  • I don't like the teachers or staff at Faraday Elementary.

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