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    Who We Are is the premier provider of school performance information for K-12 public schools. is dedicated to providing the highest quality public school ratings information that is clear, concise, and easy to understand.

    Our Story was founded in 2002 by two friends, Nam and John. In 2001-2002, we were looking to purchase our first homes in the State of Maryland, and we both wanted the homes to be near good public schools. Unfortunately, we were frustrated by the lack of unbiased information about the quality of public schools. As a result, we decided to analyze for ourselves the Maryland public schools performance data provided by the Maryland State Department of Education. After spending countless hours of analyzing the data, we posted the Maryland public school ratings on the web. Thereafter, we received numerous requests from other parents around the country to include public school ratings for their states.

    We are happy to report that we used the public school ratings information to buy homes (that we can afford) in good school districts. We hope that, like us, you will find the public school ratings information useful in making the best decisions for your children's education.

    Nam holds a Ph.D in electrical engineering and has over 17 years of experience in computer programming and statistical data analysis. John, who holds a B.S. in chemistry and a J.D. in law, complements his business partner's skills with 17 years of marketing, operations and legal experience. Together they have created a company that stands out from the rest.

    What We Offer offers quality school performance information for K-12 public schools. The public school ratings are based on each school's performance data on state-wide standardized tests, which are implemented by the department of education of each state. The public school ratings are presented in clear, concise, and easy to understand tables and graphs, which can be customized. You can view ratings of public schools within one county or district, between multiple counties or districts, or all counties or districts in the state.

    Unlike other websites that provide vast amounts of extraneous information where you have to separate and dicipher the data, has "cut out the fat" so to speak. That is, rather than providing vast amounts of easily obtainable information such as economic or demographic data about a school or school district, we at provide clear, concise and easy to understand information so that you can discover the best public schools in your area.

    Now parents, school administrators, and others can use to easily view ratings of public schools to find the best public schools for their children's education. Some features on are available for FREE for limited use. We invite you to browse's site and view the FREE public school ratings and compare your children's school to the best public schools in your district, county, or state. Click here to view our Subscriber Benefits and Data Availability. Subscriptions are available for Personal Use or Business/Government/Organization Use. SIGN UP NOW!

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