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Twiggs County
Middle School
Twiggs County

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Scores and Rankings:
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Standard Ranking 30.0 362(T)/584  1/1 
6th Gr ELA Exceed 5.0 448(T)/584  1/1 
6th Gr ELA Met 44.0 458(T)/584  1/1 
6th Gr Read Exceed 13.0 473(T)/584  1/1 
6th Gr Read Met 47.0 510(T)/584  1/1 
6th Gr Math Exceed 4.0 458(T)/584  1/1 
6th Gr Math Met 50.0 440(T)/584  1/1 
8th Gr ELA Exceed 8.0 302(T)/584  1/1 
8th Gr ELA Met 52.0 335(T)/584  1/1 
8th Gr Read Exceed 17.0 383(T)/584  1/1 
8th Gr Read Met 61.0 356(T)/584  1/1 
8th Gr Math Exceed 5.0 258(T)/584  1/1 
8th Gr Math Met 22.0 408(T)/584  1/1 

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