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Glenn Hammond Curtiss Middle
Los Angeles Unified District
Los Angeles County

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School Information:    Student Ethnicity:
Glenn Hammond Curtiss Middle
1254 East Helmick St.
Carson, CA 90746-3164

(310) 537-3551

Grade Range: 6-8
Enrollment: 1445
Full-Time Teachers: 60
Students per Teacher: 24
WWhite/Non-Hispanic 1.1%
BBlack/Non-Hispanic 65.8%
HHispanic 31.5%
AAsian/Pacific Islander 1.3%
NAmerican Indian/Alaska Native 0.3%
Ethnicity Data Source (2006)

Scores and Rankings:
Year: 1999  2000  2001  2002  2003  2004  2005  2006  2007  2008  2009  2010* 

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Standard Ranking 650.0 1247(T)/1361  265(T)/306 
API 650.0 1247(T)/1361  265(T)/306 

Parent/Student Reviews:
for Glenn Hammond Curtiss Middle

Number of Reviews: 4

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

This school is bad, May 17, 2007
I personally go to this school and it is very not comprehensive. I think teachers need to control the class more and not let them run you.

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Parent to Parent, May 16, 2007
I don't know where you have been but felt that the winter formal taught the kids how to present them selves in a more respectful way than to wear short short skirts or the boys sagging.

As for field trips, they have gone to USC & UCLA college day. Amusement park WHEN? Obviously your a parent who seems to only have time for the amusement parks.

Curtiss is not the best school. True leadership has gone down. My last child is graduating this year. I have seen the good and now I see the bad your right it's not going to get better there is way to many people being the H.N.I.C. and no one will listen to we the parent starting from the front door to the back.

As for Health, I think this teacher is very good. Every kid knows not to have sex but how many understand sex. How many parent say no sex because you might get AIDS or STD? Did you know the amount of Curtiss students having sex now or that already have a baby? Ask your son or daughter, you will be surprised.

I think the racial tension between the student is sad but this is what happens when you bring kids out of there element meaning kids from a lower class to a middle class neighborhood they feel out of place and put in segregated class rooms so tell me how would you feel?

Everyone has a right to speak as they feel freedom of speech. I was not trying to knock you but if we try not to focus on the bad maybe something good will come out of this.

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Curtiss has plummoted!!, May 16, 2007
Before I begin I would like to say that the only way we can help our children in this world is by being proactive rather than inactive! Merely skimming over papers that come home by your child; going to the school when your child complains every once in a while; or listening to the feelings of other parents to help you gain an idea of what is happening at the school is not enough!! Proactive involves you the parent being interactive when it comes to the school. You read the letters and call the school to get further details = proactive. Visiting the school once a week if possible and visiting more than just one class = proactive. Talking to your child�s teachers to find out what they think about what is happening at the school and asking them how you can help make the school a better place = proactive. Merely getting on a website to bash the school and its teachers is STILL YOU AS THE PARENT BEING INACTIVE!!!.

Curtiss definitely has a problem in the leadership department. But there is a huge problem with the students who attend the school whose problem starts from home. I observed my child�s classes and found what I saw to be disturbing. The students lacked respect not only for the teacher but for me. Curse words were being strewn across the room, lack of attention to what the teacher was trying to teach, talking back, tardy students, lack of supplies, cell phones, ipods, disrespect to each other. I mean the list of things can go on and on and on. This was a problem in many classes I passed while walking down the hallways.

Although I too am not happy with the principal�s leadership of the school THUS FAR, I still have hope. From what I understand this is the principal�s first year at a school which had major problems in the past. The API score has been LOW for a couple of years so hopefully the new principal will be able to revamp the school. Let's face it, we can not expect the principal who has only been here for one year to be the cause of its demise/failure. Ms. Houston has been at Curtiss for well over 25 years so I find it hard to believe that she has anything to do with �helping the school change.� I mean maybe that was the case when she was A TEACHER but from what I see as a parent who does visit the school, who does attend school site council meetings, who does observe in my child�s classroom -- while perusing through others. There needs to be more change occurring within the administration and in the HOMES of our young children!!!

I will say that I found more than just the 4-5 teachers mentioned in the previous letter, who cared deeply about the students/the subject they teach as well as the improvement of Curtiss as a whole. But from what I see teachers have no power we as parents do.

In addition, I never heard about the students going on a trip to an amusement park. In fact, my child complained about not being able to go on any field trips this school year. The field trip to the football game from what I understand was geared at exposing students to a college not merely to "take them to a game". I heard that the magnet students went to a play at USC and disrespected the actors who were in the play thus causing USC to ban Curtiss school from ever visiting that school again. Do Curtiss students really need to go on field trips if this is their behavior?

The truth of the matter is our students need to be taught about sex ed, especially when HIV/AIDS and unplanned pregnancy rates are rampant in the African American community. CURTISS IS A PREDOMINANTLY AFRICAN AMERICAN SCHOOL!! Statistics show that black women are diagnosed with AIDS more so than any other racial group!! AND most contract the virus between the ages of 12-15. It�s a scary statistic but it is the truth. So ADVANCED EDUCATION is what our kids need!!! Furthermore if you were uncomfortable with what was being taught, I thought teachers had to give a letter to the parents notifying them of what their child was going to be learning during the sex ed unit. . . has that changed?

In conclusion, to all parents viewing this site, you are the key to your child�s success in life. Don�t rely on others to set standards for what YOU want and EXPECT when it comes to your child�s education!

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1 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

Curtiss MS is slowly sinking, Feb 20, 2007
Although I am not too happy with the principal's leadership of the school but few teachers and educators are on the right track by putting children first. Mrs. Houston, Dean Spicer, Mrs. Trolesi, Mr. Luna and Mr. R. Ngaha are individuals who seem to put forth timeless effort motivating and preparing.

This school is in a middle class neighborhood with mostly two parent households but there are more students transported from different urban areas and neighborhoods that make this school focus less on those that want to learn. There is no to little parent involvement, mostly because parents are tired of dealing with the adult egos or they just don't care.

The principal is available so go directly to the district to communicate with her. I believe the health class is teaching advance sex ed. I still don't understand giving a 1/2 sheet of paper on "abstinence" but several on sex (anal, oral and vaginal), orgasms, BUT THE ANATOMY OF A HUMAN BODY HASN'T BEEN DISCUSSED YET.

Bottom line, I think the focus of the school is the adult ego NOT the students best interest. There are more dances, amusement park field trips, football games but none educational. While other schools are going to the getty or historical places, Curtiss is holding winter formals (FOR JR. HIGH). They have a day at UCLA but it is not sponsored by the school.


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