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The graph below shows how
Muskegon ranks relative to the other 81 Counties in Michigan.
The yellow bars indicate the number of counties with scores in a particular range.
The solid blue line indicates the score of Muskegon.
The further to the RIGHT the blue line is the better the score.
This graph is based on 2007 test results.
(Other years: 2002  2003  2004  2005  2006  2007 )

The graph below shows Year-to-Year Test Results for Muskegon
The higher the yellow bars are the better the scores.
Grade 4 ELA Level 3

The graph below shows Year-to-Year Rankings for Muskegon
The yellow bars represent the total number of Counties in Michigan.
The blue dots represent the ranking of Muskegon.
The higher the blue dots are the higher the rankings.
Grade 4 ELA Level 3

Parent/Student Reviews:
for Muskegon

Number of Reviews: 1

Read this before you move your children here., Feb 25, 2007
In a progressive district they fight to interview people with my resume, this district didn't take a look. In Dallas, they created a operational/academic coordinator position at the first place I interviewed. Then my phone was ringing off the hook for interviews from the area! Having taught in Muskegon I can tell you they are way behind and not of a mind set to enact change. The inner city of Dallas out performs even the better schools in Muskegon. My oldest son could not graduate from RP, dropping out in 10th grade; yet, going into college he tested the highest entrance exam ever. They waved his lack of H.S. or GED. They're calling him a genius. My next son I sent off to a christian academy after a unsuccessful attempt with RP. The average placement for graduates is 98% on the ACT college placement exam. Yes average, Oakdale Christian Academy. He has really made many positive changes to go along with genius IQ level! Muskegon area offers little to no culture, and only a few handfuls of well rounded forward thinking Christians. It is a beautiful place to visit but you better pray long and hard before you uneducate your children here... The math score look like an outlier. If you can't beat um, cheat um? You should see how we tackle learning objectives in this area...wow what a difference. My friends 16 year old daughter earns over $9.00 an hour at a gas station. Check out the average income in Allen TX, I heard this week that it has gone up into the 90's. Thats what happens when there is so much competition for decent workers. I know 5 families from the Muskegon area who have moved here.... they continue to move up into incomes rarely seen in Western Michigan. I wish Muskegon well.... really. The schools won't talk to me or I could have helped....alot! I think they were intimidated by my IQ and expedient manner. How sad for the children. Rudy Giuliani III cleaned up all of New York and you can't turn elementary schools? Why don't you use his methodology? Probably now that I'm gone there is only a few people I told that are cultured enough to know how he did it. I still own a home on the lake, but you would have to give me a big club to make changes and a position of authority to replace the ignorance to enact my system. I might even have to bring our principal and vise-principal. To people who know what good education is your problems are obvious. Jeff R.

P.S. If you want to enact change the chronical staff writer for the schools could probably figure out who I am and how to find me... she's smart... so is the city treasurer... He could find me! Larry Lozette and Arlin Zack know I'm telling the truth but Arlin probably doesn't remember me and Larry doesn't have the time.

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