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Customized Ranking of Elementary Schools in Ohio
(based on 2004* test results)

(Other years: 2001  2002  2003  2004  2005  2006  2007  2008)

Elementary Schools:
  Results for: Individual Schools
  Counties Included: Fairfield;
  Test Scores Included: 4th Gr Write Basic or Better;
  Show: Individual Schools:

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Rank School District County 4th Gr
or Better
1 Bloom Bloom-Carroll Local Fairfield 100.0
2 South Lancaster City Fairfield 100.0
3 Tallmadge Lancaster City Fairfield 100.0
4 Tussing Pickerington Local Fairfield 100.0
5 Pickerington Pickerington Local Fairfield 99.3
6 Fairfield Pickerington Local Fairfield 99.2
7 Violet Pickerington Local Fairfield 99.2
8 Heritage Pickerington Local Fairfield 98.3
9 Tarhe Lancaster City Fairfield 98.2
10 Sanderson Lancaster City Fairfield 97.4
11 Pleasantville Fairfield Union Local Fairfield 97.0
12 Bremen Fairfield Union Local Fairfield 96.7
13 Carroll Bloom-Carroll Local Fairfield 96.7
14 Amanda-Clearcreek Amanda-Clearcreek Local Fairfield 96.0
15 Millersport Walnut Township Local Fairfield 95.9
16 Liberty Union Liberty Union-Thurston Local S Fairfield 94.7
17 East Lancaster City Fairfield 94.6
18 Berne Union Berne Union Local Fairfield 94.3
19 Cedar Heights Lancaster City Fairfield 93.8
20 Medill Lancaster City Fairfield 93.7
21 North Lancaster City Fairfield 93.4
22 West Lancaster City Fairfield 92.0

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* The above ranking is based on tests taken during the 2003 - 2004 academic year.
Explanation of Test Scores:
  • 4th Gr Write Basic or Better: Percentage of Students at Basic Level or Better Fourth Grade Writing

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