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  • "This is a wonderful site. I did not know it existed. Today is the first of many visits. "
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    Richard B. Kell - Richmond, VA
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    Chris Hawn - Thibodaux, LA
  • "I like the data this service provided because it tells me that I am living in a great city with a great elementary school. "
    Irene - Lake Forest, CA
  • "This website has helped me a lot in relocating myself as per the school rankings for my son. "
    Madhav Chavan - Beltsville, MD
  • "Thanks for keeping us informed:) "
    K -
  • "This is really a great sit! However, I wish the most recent rankings were free. "
    Nadine - New Brunswick
    Nitosha - Oregon
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    Nasima Anjum - California
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  • "I agree with what one of the other viewers stated. For parents who only need to view once, the fees are a little steep for single users. Maybe an option for a one time or maybe a 3-day use would be sufficient. However, if I was into trying to improve the school systems, then subscription to this website would be great. Overall this website helped me to find a residence in a great school district. Thanks! "
    Tonya CarterJohnson - Morrow, Georgia
  • "It is a great site to compare schools in terms of ranking. I would like to have more recent ranking then 1999 ranking. Also, would like to know if the schools have extra curricular activities, like music. "
    Anand Ram - Hayward
    MARQUIS - Jacksonville, NC
  • "I think this is a very good website because it tells you everything you need to know. "
    Brittney - NC
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  • "This web site is awesome. With this information we can begin a serious conversation about education. For instance, I discovered that in the state of PA, the majority of low performing schools are in my region. 50 of the worst 69 elementary schools are in the City of Philadelphia. That requires dramatic action. Thanks for the knowledge. "
    Robert T. - King of Prussia, PA
  • "Best site I have ever paid to have. It was worth the money just for our state. Now that I am relocating, it is priceless. The school district is a major determination of which area we choose to buy a house. A big thank you. "
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